REC, Akbalpur, Devgaon, Azamgarh, 276201 INDIA.
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Welcome to the Purvanchal Center For Innovation and Incubation Foundation

To accelerate the launch of innovative technologies through industry collaborations and startups.

Dedicated & Co-working Spaces
State of the art infrastructure
Highly Experienced Industry Mentors
Testing Equipments & Facilities

Technology Domains

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to be a transformative technology. As Internet connectivity gets embedded into every aspect of our lives,it is an inevitable result of boundless possibilities of the internet.

Electronics System Design & Manufacturing

A new way of thinking about electronics manufacturing makes it possible for Startups with a great idea to bring their design effectively to market in the shortest possible time.

Robotics & Intelligent Systems

Robotics Technology has seen a significant improvement with AI and machine learning being baked into the systems, leading to increased mobility & intelligence.

Digitizing Educational Institutions

Digitizing Educational Institutions Program initiated by PCIIF aims to support the Edutech Startup ecosystem catering to the education system in India.


  • Able to develop new skills and entrepreneurial opportunities for students, faculty and researchers in Eastern UP.
  • Able to assist in commercialization of innovative ideas from students.
  • To nurture a culture of innovation at REC Azamgarh.
  • To encourage solving real problems. Helping ideas to translate into reality and upgrade them to the level of commercial value.
  • To invent and create Patents and IPs.
  • To create a startup ecosystem at campus.
  • To create value added jobs and services.
  • To be part of the committees to assist and support in design and implementation of the Govt. of UP schemes.
  • To attract funding and create a sustainable self-funding incubation model that can be replicated.
  • To ensure 100% campus placements for the students through the opportunities provided as internships to the students.
  • To create Alumni participation in growing the Startups from the incubation center.

Incubation centers facility

  • Approx.10000 sq.ft area dedicated for IC.
  • Auditorium room having 40 participants completed.
  • Office space for the 10 Incubates.
  • Research labs.
  • Electricity, Internet, AC, furniture, Desktops has been placed in respective places of IC.
  • Nurture the Ideas by professional and experience mentors.